Where Abouts Of Ajax Management
Ajax Management Consultants has adopted a recruiting process which guarantees that both customers and candidates receive the highest standards of services. Blended with a strong culture of ethics and excellence, Built over a strong foundation of commitment, credibility and quality, today Ajax's success is the rich legacy of prestigious multinational companies and thousand of candidate who acknowledge us as:
  A professional recruiter of executive talent
  Providers of innovative and flexible workforce solutions
  Equipped with the ability to reach far and wide outside the box of find new talent
  Be fitting the need of organizations who seek suitable individuals for positions on long-term basis.
The company is supported by a dynamic second rung of consultants. In keeping with the current industry requirements, Ajax has developed a mix of professionals with domain and functional experience, who act as a like-minded sounding board to the customer - who could be an organization or a candidate. The educated approach provides a platform for the customer to identify the necessary competitive edge. Ajax's team-based work culture ensures that employees have the opportunity to learn, develop new skills or pick up new competencies relevant for the company's growth

Ajax respects the stringent expectations of highly competitive, new economy firms who value commitment and quality from their business partners. Ajax strives to meet their expectations and is proud to be associated with such clients.

Ajax's proficiency pervades areas as diverse as - IT, ITES (BPO & KPO), Telecommunications, Retailing, Services, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Life Sciences among others.
A Reliable Partner
Whichever service you choose to work with Ajax, you will receive timely, accurate and confidential services, which would enhance your efficiency and free up resources for core business activities. To further add value, we provide a host of related services in training, employee relations and team building.
A Reliable Partner
At Ajax, we believe excellent service delivery is only possible through excellent infrastructure and advanced technology, excellent telecommunication facilities, plus conference rooms and interview suits' have a team of proficient people with the required domain expertise on our rolls across. This is further reinforced by an eminent Board of Advisors, comprising first-rate talent from varied industry sectors. Driven by values of recognizing, respecting and admiring the hard-earned expertise of your organization and that of candidates, through courteous and professional relationships at all times, Ajax consultants are a unique blend of professionalism, sensitivity and ethics